bridal registry:

or contact Maid of Honor Marisa Beatty by email or 251 North 8th Street Apt. #2L Williamsburg NY 11211 (phone) 347.528.7586

Gifts may be sent to:

38 Glen Street,
South Natick
MA 01760


provider contacts:

Deanna Einspahr and Lisa Boegl at Randall Davey Audubon Center 1800 Upper Canyon Road Santa Fe, NM 87501 mail to: PO Box 9314 Santa Fe, NM 87504 (phone) 505.983.4609 email

Jeanean Hartman Dried Flower Arrangements PO Box El Riton, NM 87530

Glenda Griswold at Peas 'n' Pod Catering 6 Camerada Road Santa Fe, NM 87508 (phone)505.438.2877 email

Margaret Bost Florist PO Box 22684 Santa Fe, NM 87502 (phone) 505.983.443 email

Dorie Hagler at Shoot-the-Cake NDCBU 6498 Taos, NM 87571 (phone) 505.770.7157 email

Irene Swain PO Box 4484 Santa Fe, NM 87502-4484 (phone) 505.983.1799 email

Donna Brand at Desserts for all Occasions3260 Louraine Street Santa Fe, NM (phone) 505.474.8431 email


wedding party:

Melissa Edmands (Bride) email

Roger Marsh (Groom) email

Dianne Edmands (Mother of the Bride)

May Marsh (Mother of the Groom)

Doris Hanchay (Grandmother of the Bride)

Geoff & Erika Edmands (Father & Stepmother of the Bride)email

Marisa Beatty (Maid of Honor) email

Simon Cardwell (Best Man) email

Katrina Hendry (Attendant)

Libby Marsh (Attendant)

Neil Edmands (Brother of the Bride)

Nadine Palmer (Sister of the Groom)

John Chisholm (Bride’s step Brother)

Alan Chisholm (Bride’s step Brother)

Lauren Palmer (Groom’s Niece)

Caitlin Palmer (Groom’s Niece)